Sommarläger med finska foxterrierklubben

Finnish foxterrier association will organize a summercamp for owners of fox terriers and those interested in the breed on 4-9 July 2023.

We thought we would also send you an announcement about our camp, if you are willing to participate.

The program at the camp includes e.g.

Terrier and dachshund watergame trial 5.7. exercises 

Special show (judged by Evelyn Roche, Germany with smooth haired and Beate Duesmann, Germany with wired haired) 7.7.

Bloodtracking exam 9.7.

The Finnish certificate and also certificates for juniors and veterans will be distributed at the special show, also junior handler. In connection with the special show, a so-called tourist class is also organized for dogs that are unable to participate in the official show (testicular defects, etc.).

Artificial cave tests are also organized at the camp, but their time will be announced later.

We hope to have visitors from our neighboring country as well.

We have not already pricelist but if you can tell your members about our summercamp. 

On behalf of the camp committee

Reija Broman-Valtonen

Upplysningar kan fås genom Reija Broman