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lördag 27maj 2023 Tånga Hed, Vårgårda

Domare: Vet Carola Möhrke, kennel v d Bismarckquelle, DE


My name is Dr. Carola Möhrke and I am from a family of Foxterrier enthusiasts. My grandfather Friedrich Möhrke started breeding Foxterrier in 1954 in a very small quantity under the prefix von der Bismarckquelle. After his death my parents Axel and Elke Möhrke continued his way and became very successful in breeding Smooth and Wire Foxterrier. I was born in 1971 as second of three daugthers and we all still are proud Foxterrier owners. I was very keen on going to dog shows all my life and travelled with my parents all over Europe. When I was 13 years old , I was allowed to stay with Geir Pedersen and his family in England for a few weeks and learnt the first things about trimming from him. I won the german Junior Handling Competition in 1985. After my highschool graduation I spent the summer in the USA with Wood Wornall and worked for him. I was very proud to be able to take my Wire Dog Flash von der Bismarckquelle there and won some majors. I finished his American Championship later on during the Montgomery weekend staying with Peter Green. In the following years I went to Peter Green quite regulary to visit the wonderful shows at Montgomery. I studied veterinary medicine in Hannover and opened a practise with my husband in our house in Dortmund. Here I managed to combine my hobby and profession in specialising in reproduction medicine and building up a semenbank.

Since 2018 our kennel is in the name of my father, my sister Claudia and me. I am the head of the kennel, but it is so important to realize, that owning a number of dogs and raising puppies is a lot of work and needs a group of persons and I am very happy that we have a good family and some very good friends working together with us. We had a lot of big winning dogs in the last decades naming Prada von der Bismarckquelle winning the World Winner title in 2013 and Crufts Winner and UK Champion later on. Her daughter Vanillia winning UK Champion as well. Yunus, a Wire winning Top Dog Nr. 3 of all breeds in Germany and Top Dog Nr. 8 all Breeds in Finland in 2019 when he was shown by Paavo Tervonen. His Son Jack Daniels is now winning many titles with Gabor Mitnyan in Europe.
I see that the future for the breeding of purebred dogs is not so bright anymore, but I am sure that we will be able to go on, if we accept some changes.

Thank you for inviting me and I am looking forward to seing your dogs soon.

Carola Möhrke


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